EN Productions | About
Today EN Productions is Nicholas and Elizabeth Provost, both graduates of Harrington College of Design in Chicago, IL with degrees in commercial digital photography. Before the two met, Elizabeth was traveling the world doing non-profit work for various mission’s organizations, documenting and capturing beautiful images of other cultures in an effort to bring awareness and change to less fortunate regions of the world. Nicholas started Harrington College of Design with previous experience working in a high volume, privately owned portrait studio. While always having an artistic side, and loving technology, photography was a great fit allowing Nicholas to satisfy both passions.

Soon after Elizabeth and Nicholas met they realized that they both had unique traits that complimented each other in terms of photography. Elizabeth brought to the table a genuine love for people and a desire to make people feel beautiful and loved. Nicholas brought the technical skill set which is so crucial in today’s digital age. In the time after Photography school, Elizabeth has photographed weddings, families and children. Nicholas currently works for Canon USA as a Technical Service Engineer and enjoys photographing interiors, products and weddings with Elizabeth on the side along with his personal projects when the time can be found.